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Safety first, use your best judgement .

UpdatedWednesday February 24, 2021 byElsa Fortune.

Hi, there are practice times open at 8 am and 6 pm this saturday. please email me your request. thank you. 

Games on this weekend. But be safe, if roads are bad in your area, please let me know .. I will advise your opponenet. 

Jan 18th, 2021

2 teams had to forfeit late tonite.. 

Anyone wanting to practice at 6pm at KCC please email me , first come first serve

ALL PLEASE check website for game updates(especially 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th grader teams) Website is updated !

Gyms are open, i will post here if they close. 

All open gyms have been assigned for practices to all of you who emailed me.  8pm times are left as per pdf below.

I have call in to KSD to see if and when they will open.

A Million thanks to KCC and CCLS for accomodating all of us and keeping us safe!!!

ALL please ck website for updated game times as of 12/25/2020  thru March. and updated practice times for those of you who grabbed the extra time per pdf below. 

Also see open gym opportunities for practice in pdf below, first come first serve. Some of you are fine w zoom practices but we are posting these gym practices so ck with parents and be sure you all grab them ! 

thank you. 

If you need help enforcing rules, please see gym hosts at the reception area. 

Thank you! 

Important reminder!  Leave GYM ON 55th MINUTE PLEASE!!!! game ends at 50th min, clean chairs and go. thank you!

wipes and sanitizer are in gyms. 

NO HI fives please!  and suggestion for man to man defense for  K-1st, if you wear your uniform with number in front, the players can  remember their opponent number since we do not have wrist bands. 



IMPORTANT - Reminders 

CCLS has thermometer at reception area, all get checked before entering the gym 

ALL use sanitzer before entering the gym - Both Facilities have Sanitizer, Keep outside Germs Outside. 

Wipes are at concession stand counter at CCLS where each team can grab to clean off the chairs

ONE PARENT - there will be ONE CHAIR set up for ONE SPECTATOR - please wipe down  after you leave. 

HOME TEAM to wipe down game ball. 

Do NOT Enter the gym until the other team has exited. 

AT CCLS - Entry is to the LEFT -go down steps and STOP at Window. ONCE your coach confirms the other teams are out of the gym you may proceed to the GYM. 

EXIT GYM with the other STAIR CASE - not the same one you entered in. 

Games should end at 50 minutes, Coaches and Players wipe down seats for next team and EXIT VIA BACK STAIRCASE. NOT THE SAME ONE YOU ENTERED AT. 

This  week there will be signs and Chris and Carl and Officials will be there to. PLEASE help each other as well. 

NO CROSS TRAFFIC  At Facilities 

KCC  -  Enter at regular entrance, exit at back door. 




12/4/2020  Just a word of praise and much appreciation for Coaches and parents who are working so hard to make this happen. Also Thank you to Concordia and Kirkwood Community Center for safety protocols and allowing our children to play ball and the Officials who are commiting to our safety standards and all. We are all glad we did not cancel and we opted to make this happen but could not do it without you all!  Again, thank you for your support!

We will be supporting our restaurants when we give out the sportsmanship awards so thank you again!!  Games begin Dec 12th. 

Uniform colors are -AWAY team wears RED and HOME team wears WHITE but most of you have uniforms but just a plan B if we do not get uniforms on time. 

12/3/2020 We will post on Coaches Corner open gym times for more practices for your coaches to grab.  Any information you have on potential gym openings at KSD or anywhere, please let us know. 


Drills for Skillshttps://www.sportsengine.com/basketball/drills?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=Inside+Youth+Sports


11 /29/ 2020

Dear All, 

Final Game Schedules are posted ONLINE and this is where you all need to be at your team's game time.

This is updated for weather or facility cancellations but for the most part game schedule is FINAL so please check here before you leave your home for practices and games.  

Rules - see pdf below please, this has all information on your Division for basket heights etc.     

Facility rules - See Gym Locations tab for directions. Enter and Exit accordingly and safely. Separate entrances and exits. Facilities will have temperature checks, mask required and hand sanitizer. 

Screening:Coaches and Parents must be sure Child is screened before entering facilities. See CDC guidelines pdf below. Only those screened by Coaches can enter facilities for practices or games.. Each Team and player should have their own wipes and Coaches,parents, Officials and facility hosts will manage and enforce facility rules and screening. 

Spectator -One Parent (who has signed the waiver) per game- Masks required and socially distancing and all as per County guidelines.  

Thank you and be Safe! 


 Practices have been emailed and games will come out shortly. 

FYI see this girls varsity bball game at this link   or  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOUftV_x0to&feature=youtu.be

at the 2 hour mark you will see some fun drill your teams can do... Enjoy.

11/18/2020- Updates

Please See updated county exec and CDC Guidelines in pdf below

*** All Parents, players, Officials and Coaches and all KJBL participants must abide by the CDC Guidelines and screening. I have RED Checkmarks and Notations as to what applies for our league. Thank you for all you do to make sure we are all in compliance. Anyone not in compliance will NOT be allowed to participate. Coaches and Officials and Gym Supervisors will be enforcing the rules. 


Open gym times for practices as of 1 4 2021.pdf
Open gym times for practices 12 26 2020.pdf
Youth Sports Guidelines - COVID-19 11 18 2020.pdf