KJBL season in process

Updated Sunday December 2, 2018 by Admin.

Great weekend of fun! KJBL kicked off to a great start. Thank you to all parents, coaches , refs and all ! 


Final Game Schedules are up.

Games must be played as per schedule, If you cannot make a game we will get you a sub team, please email Elsa as soon as you. know.

Please be sure all parents are well versed on our rules including unsportsmanlike conduct. 

KJBL Coaches Updates on 11/25 - See Coach's tab with  FORMS - rules, etc for NEW practice gym availability dates. Please email me with questions.

Our Referrees are our friends and family and should be treated with respect. Please keep our gyms family friendly as grandparents and children are present. 

OPEN gyms:

                        Kirkwood Community Center half the gym on on  12/10 at 5 pm              

Thank you all for all you do to make this a great league for all our players!