Forms-FLYER, Rules, Roster etc

Updated Friday August 30, 2019 by Admin.

Dear Coach,

Thank you so much for coaching! 

1) Please register as Coach and email and let us know you want to coach so we can add you to the coaches drop down list. However your parents can register and put your name in the comments section so we can place your players on your team.

2) please fill out practice request and roster forms and scan over to us. 

3) We need 9 paid and registered players on your roster. This covers the cost for your weekly practice gym time slot. 

If you do not need practices you do not need 9 players on your roster. If you need more players we are happy to assign players to your roster as many individual players are looking for teams.

4) If you have any questions,  Email is best, volunteers work day jobs so phone calls are difficult to field. Most answers will be on the website coaches tab or announcements. 

5) Fundraiser will be determined at a later date. We sell trash bags for October Breast Cancer Awareness  or we will determine another Fundraiser to assist with KJBL fees for under priviledged players, facilities, referees etc ..Parents can opt out of fundraiser if they do not want their child to participate. Parents are also asked to volunteer to assist with different KJBL functions so they can opt out of that as well during the registration process. 

Please be sure you and your team parents are aware of  the rules and our zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Our expectations are high and we ask that you keep it fun for your players and we have family friendly gyms so great coach etiquette is expected.   This league is all about the kids! 

Thank you!~ Communication is KEY!

KJBLRules updated.docx
roster 2020.pdf
Practice request 2020.pdf
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