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As we are on our last few games, We wanted to Thank you to all for all you do to make this league happen. coaches, parents, players, refs, KJBL team and volunteers and most importantly the facilities that allowed us to play ball for the good of the children! Concordia Lutheran and Kirkwood Community Center! 

Sadly I will report.: 

There was a NO SHOW yesterday.. FYI NO shows are unacceptable, you must let me know if you are not able to make a game!!! so we can get another sub team to play for your team. Refs and gyms are contracted out and we must play ball! 

Not to mention your opponents and spectators showed up  and no game took place. This is very upsetting all the way around. 

Please communicate especially these last few weeks with spring break and all. ON a normal year, we are usually done by mid February so we do not have these issues. 

please check website.. i have emailed you all with updates. thank you.


Please communicate if you cannot make a game, we will get a sub team for you. . NO shows are unacceptable. 

Thank you 

Please let me know if you want practice time this sat open gyms are 8 am and 6pm. 

Thank you. 

Games on


Jan 18th, 2021

Open gym time at 6pm at KCC, please email me if you want to use gym, just had team forfeit during that time.

See announcements..I  just got late night forfeits... 

PLEASE give me more notice if you need to forfeit so i can get a sub team in your place!!! Refs are scheduled so games must go ON.

thank you 

PLEASE wear mask and social distant and use sanitizer so we can stay open!!! 

We have had ONE complaint.. please send reminders to parents to stay vigilant!!! thank you!! 


See updated open gym slots for 8pm times. most have been taken.. thank you 

Coaches, please be sure all parents and you all see website for game times updated today. Always look here first before you leave home..

See open gyms pdf and email me asap .. first come first serve. Jan 5th we will randonly assign so please choose asap.

IMPORTANT!! Please Leave GYM ON 55th MINUTE !!! game ends at 50th min, clean chairs and go. wipes and sanitizer in gyms or at reception area.  thank you!

NO HI fives please!  and suggestion for man to man defense for  K-1st, if you wear your uniform with number in front, the players can  remember their opponent number since we do not have wrist bans. 


Thermometers are at CCLS receptionist area, all must get checked before entering gyms. 

ALL use sanitzer before entering the gym - Both Facilities have Sanitizer, Keep outside Germs Outside. 

Wipes are at concession stand counter at CCLS where each team can grab to clean off the chairs

ONE PARENT - there will be ONE CHAIR set up for ONE SPECTATOR - please wipe down  after you leave. 

HOME TEAM to wipe down game ball. 

Do NOT Enter the gym until the other team has exited. 

AT CCLS - Entry is to the LEFT -go down steps and STOP at Window. ONCE your coach confirms the other teams are out of the gym you may proceed to the GYM. 

EXIT GYM with the other STAIR CASE - not the same one you entered in. 

Games should end at 50 minutes, Coaches and Players wipe down seats for next team and EXIT VIA BACK STAIRCASE. NOT THE SAME ONE YOU ENTERED AT. 

This  week there will be signs and Chris and Carl and Officials will be there to. PLEASE help each other as well. 

NO CROSS TRAFFIC  At Facilities 

KCC  -  Enter at regular entrance, exit at back door.

HOME team white - Away team Red 


CCLS GYM open - 12/5  8pm and   12/12  8 pm 

Kirkwood Community Center -  open times 12/28   8 pm 

New gym times opened up. Coaches please be sure to turn in your practice gym or game times you are not going to use today so we can fill up the gyms , do not wait until the last minute to turn in your time. someone else can use it. Thank you. 

Drills for Skills:

11/29/2020 updates

KJBL Coaches,

Final Game Schedules are  Final 

Please let us know if you cannot attend a game. NO Shows are unacceptable so we will get you a sub team asap. 

Makeup games are not guaranteed as it affects 40 families to redo schedule. But we will get you a sub team and put up open game slots and potentially you can switch with a sub team. Work with this schedule as best as you can! 

Due to shortage of facilities we are playing after Christmas and on New Years Eve.. This is a Covid year and we typically DO NOT play on holidays but we are doing our best to get you all games. 

Practices are online as well. Due to gym shortages, please see open slots and grab more if you want. otherwise we suggest zoom practice sessions.. AS soon as we can acquire more gym time or KSD opens we will do more practices and POST ONLINE for your specific team..

Updates 11/18/2020 -see Announcements please and See updated CDC guidelines as of 11 /18/ 2020 pdf below  and KJBL RED check marks that apply to KJBL league. Facilities will have screening thermometers and their entry and exit rules we need to follow please.

We will start with 2 practices and then games around Dec 12th . We are working hard on all this so each of you will get 8 games for sure and approx 2-4 practices with the facilities we have acquired thus far. Please try to communicate with your team once a week with a zoom practice. Also KJBL will post things up on Coaches Corner to help you keep your players in tune with the fundamentals of basketball and get ready for games. Getting Creative with all this! 


Open gym times for practices as of 1 4 2021.pdf
Open gym times for practices 12 26 2020.pdf
KJBLRules updated.docx
scoresheet kjbl.docx
Youth Sports Guidelines - COVID-19 11 18 2020.pdf